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Workout History

TypeDateDurationDistancePaceCals.Power SongComment
Run4/18/2011 1:49 PM24:213.19 mi7:37 min/mi320
Run4/15/2011 12:53 PM24:303.1757 mi7:42 min/mi322
Run3/25/2011 1:09 PM22:523 mi7:37 min/mi301 Hills.
Run3/23/2011 2:19 PM23:233.1935 mi7:19 min/mi319 Pollen + wind = bad combo.
Run3/21/2011 1:00 PM20:222.7783 mi7:19 min/mi278
Run3/4/2011 12:35 PM20:002.7963 mi7:09 min/mi273
Run3/3/2011 4:00 PM20:302.7641 mi7:24 min/mi280
Run3/2/2011 1:54 PM22:303 mi7:30 min/mi296 Hills.
Run2/28/2011 11:44 AM23:543.1813 mi7:30 min/mi315
Run2/25/2011 1:53 PM23:073 mi7:42 min/mi304 Hills. Wind. Nuff said.
Run2/23/2011 5:06 PM18:532.4105 mi7:50 min/mi248 Hills.
Run2/21/2011 12:21 PM21:192.7994 mi7:36 min/mi280 Due to time constraints, opting for quality over quantity; i.e., more hills, less distance.
Run2/20/2011 9:55 AM24:133.1813 mi7:36 min/mi319
Run2/18/2011 1:22 PM21:162.6144 mi8:08 min/mi259 Hills
Run2/16/2011 12:29 PM23:223 mi7:47 min/mi307 Hills
Run2/14/2011 1:20 PM23:463.1792 mi7:28 min/mi324
Run2/13/2011 4:22 PM17:292.3356 mi7:29 min/mi238
Run2/12/2011 5:34 PM20:462.6061 mi7:58 min/mi273 New NB 905s
Run2/11/2011 2:01 PM23:383.1596 mi7:28 min/mi323
Run2/9/2011 12:03 PM24:043.176 mi7:34 min/mi317
Run2/7/2011 1:00 PM24:133.1763 mi7:37 min/mi319
Run2/2/2011 10:38 AM22:032.7787 mi7:56 min/mi290
Run1/31/2011 12:55 PM24:333.1763 mi7:43 min/mi323
Run1/29/2011 10:40 AM24:283.175 mi7:42 min/mi322
Run1/28/2011 3:49 PM11:071.5281 mi7:16 min/mi151
 Workouts: 45512.768 days2261.21 mi  221,971   

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