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  • Finally went to the gym and did a few laps. It wasn't long, but it's a start! woow, felt great too. [25:00]
    on 1/14/2009
  • No Comment. [5.96 mi @ 4:07 min/mi]
    Day 29: Night on 10/10/2008
  • No Comment. [6.7 mi @ 5:40 min/mi]
    Day 29: Morning on 10/10/2008
  • No Comment. [5.28 mi @ 4:47 min/mi]
    Day 28: Night on 10/9/2008
  • No Comment. [6.25 mi @ 5:48 min/mi]
    Day 28: Morning on 10/8/2008
  • Last night Fei picked me up and dropped me off to work, so it wasn't technically a full days commute, but who cares. Before hopping on the bike I made a call to my newly engaged bud and conversed. As I walked my bike down the street a 20-something year old guy seemed to lurk around. As he passed he mumbled something like "fuck you..." and kept peering at me out of the side of his eye. Westwood has been hit by a string of muggings lately and something told me this was the guy. It was time to head [7.14 mi @ 3:55 min/mi]
    Day 27: Night on 10/8/2008
  • Woow, it's almost been two months since I rode my bike back in. It's amazing how illness, work, and over all laziness can hold you back. I've been thinking, "Where would I be if I never stopped lately." We'll see how long I can go now until the winter rain takes me out. [6.71 mi @ 6:04 min/mi]
    Day 27: Morning on 10/6/2008
  • No Comment. [6.24 mi @ 5:41 min/mi]
    Day 26: Morning on 8/8/2008
  • Lonnnng ride down the LA river. We headed down to Marina Del Rey and then up thru Venice Beach and Santa Monica! Awesome!!! [26.95 mi @ 5:14 min/mi]
    Day 25: Free Ride on 8/7/2008
  • No Comment. [6.34 mi @ 5:04 min/mi]
    Day 24: Night on 8/2/2008
  • No Comment. [6.73 mi @ 7:07 min/mi]
    Day 24: Morning on 7/31/2008
  • No Comment. [7.18 mi @ 6:56 min/mi]
    Day 23: Morning on 7/30/2008
  • I tagged along with Lee to his pad and had KBBQ and then finished the second half of my ride. There was definitely a kimchi lag going on there, but a nice ride none the less. [7.98 mi @ 5:06 min/mi]
    Day 23: Night on 7/30/2008
  • No Comment. [6.61 mi @ 6:19 min/mi]
    Day 22: Morning on 7/24/2008
  • No Comment. [6.77 mi @ 4:08 min/mi]
    Day 22: Night on 7/24/2008
  • Mike is out for the week, so I've gotta somehow find the desire to keep on riding. I think tomorrow I'll take on the three hills again. [6.94 mi @ 5:34 min/mi]
    Day 21: Morning on 7/22/2008
  • No Comment. [6.15 mi @ 3:38 min/mi]
    Day 21: Night on 7/22/2008
  • Mike, Kristen, Martin and I took a free ride on Sunday after Winnie's BDay party. I have no idea how I got up at 9:30am because I went to bed around 6am... but anyway, we headed up Patherfinder Rd., Rowland for a long uphill climb. It was a beautiful morning and not too hot. The hard work paid off being that ride home was all downhill. At one point I remember seeing the hill creep steeper and steeper and I had a serge of energy. I blew by Martin and sat back far on my bike. I tried to cut my res [10.6 mi @ 5:35 min/mi]
    Day 20: Free Ride on 7/21/2008
  • Zack and Ina were heading out to Marina Del Rey and I tagged along. Fun ride, and super flat. [13.56 mi @ 4:23 min/mi]
    Day 19: Free Ride on 7/19/2008
  • No Comment. [5.76 mi @ 4:05 min/mi]
    DAY 18: Night on 7/19/2008
  • No Comment. [7.18 mi @ 6:49 min/mi]
    DAY 18: Morning on 7/18/2008
  • Mike took me on a new route. It was pretty nice. For the most part it was one we've taken many times but this it cuts out a lot of the big hills. Nice and smoooth. [7.17 mi @ 5:38 min/mi]
    Day 17: Morning on 7/17/2008
  • No Comment. [6.73 mi @ 4:09 min/mi]
    DAY 17: Night on 7/17/2008
  • New route. Super fast! I went down Westwood Blvd, which I've done before, but once I reached the Westside Pavillion I continued on Westwood. Up to this point Westwood is a bit sketchy, but then it gets worse. Not sure I'm gonna take this route unless it is really late. Anyhow, I pushed it. I didn't run any major reds but I cut corners where possible. It was fun. Once I got to Venice Blvd though my lower back started bothering me. Not sure why, maybe old age, but it wasn't great. [6.07 mi @ 3:19 min/mi]
    DAY 16: Night on 7/16/2008
  • I took Monday and Tuesday off so today I had to ride! I'll check in a sec, but this may be my best time. Mike was resting his legs today. ;) [6.49 mi @ 5:56 min/mi]
    Day 16: Morning on 7/16/2008
  • Oh man, totally dissed for KBBQ dinner plans, alternative plans had to be created on the fly. So, for those "Plan B" arrangements to work out, I had to be home fast. This was a race day. [5.86 mi @ 4:08 min/mi]
    DAY 16: Night on 7/11/2008
  • No Comment. [6.93 mi @ 7:00 min/mi]
    Day 16: Morning on 7/11/2008
  • Westwood Blvd is FAST! [6.09 mi @ 3:57 min/mi]
    Day 15: Night on 7/11/2008
  • Tri's second day with the biker gang. We took him on our old route up the rolling hills of Manning. The weather was absolutely perfect this morning. [6.53 mi @ 7:39 min/mi]
    Day 15: Morning on 7/10/2008
  • No Comment. [6.76 mi @ 6:51 min/mi]
    Day 14: Night on 7/10/2008
  • Mike and I tried a new route... it sucked. Too many lights and waiting right at the beginning of our trip. [6.83 mi @ 7:01 min/mi]
    Day 14: Morning on 7/9/2008
  • Fun new route that landed me at Castle Heights. Could be fun to ride to work this way. We'll see. Zack and Ina took off to S. America tonight. Hope they have fun! [6.93 mi @ 4:48 min/mi]
    Day 13: Night on 7/8/2008
  • Woow, Tri's first day. Now we have the three amigos bike-pooling to work. We went a little slower since it was his first time, but I can see he'll be up to speed quite quickly. [6.44 mi @ 7:21 min/mi]
    Day 13: Morning on 7/8/2008
  • Fast ride! got off work late and felt like making it home fast. Love'n the tune up. [5.84 mi @ 4:13 min/mi]
    Day 12: Night on 7/7/2008
  • This was my first ride after the big scrub. I cleaned up the gears and tightened the spokes this weekend. The bike feels great. I can still do some minor adjustments but it's feeling great. Fun stuff! [6.53 mi @ 7:38 min/mi]
    Day 12: Morning on 7/7/2008
  • The epic hill! We took on an uber steep hill and conquered... although it was painful as hell. The ride after that was nice but Mike and I were so drained from that epic hill that there was little left in reserve. Oh well, we made it! [7.17 mi @ 7:27 min/mi]
    Day: 11 Morning on 7/3/2008
  • No Comment. [6.17 mi @ 6:47 min/mi]
    Day 11: Night on 7/3/2008
  • Mike and I tried a new route this morning. It seemed more hilly but less traffic. We might have a new path! [6.41 mi @ 8:33 min/mi]
    Day 10: Morning on 7/2/2008
  • New route, wayyy different then before. We stuck next to the golf course near Motor for a while. Awesome homes and nice slow pace. [6.87 mi @ 6:29 min/mi]
    Day 10: Night on 7/2/2008
  • Oh man! I woke up late this morning and figured I had to skip the ride to get to work on time. Then I realized that I had let my friend's borrow my car for the day! So, I only had half hour to get to work and so I had to rush. Well, as soon as I got close to work I realize my gym membership key was on the car keys my buddy had, no shower. Oh well, the WB guys got to see my stunning tank top and workout outfit. [6.28 mi @ 6:21 min/mi]
    Day 9: Morning on 6/30/2008
  • No Comment. [6.21 mi @ 4:06 min/mi]
    Day 9: Night on 6/30/2008
  • Woow, tonights ride was full of stops. First, my chain choked up again. Then, right adjacent to the Mormon Temple I felt a liquid squirt all over my legs. At first I thought it was... actually, I couldn't even guess what it was. I looked down and there was all this white cream all over my legs. It turns out it was my sunblock and the cap just fell off. Well, just then a car full of Russian (guessing) boys drives by and asks where is the Hollywood sign. Uh, this is a bad sign. They are not far fr [5.81 mi @ 5:08 min/mi]
    Day 9: Night on 6/27/2008
  • No Comment. [00:00]
    Day 8: Morning on 6/27/2008
  • Tonight we had a rough night at work. Garrett, Arden, and I headed down to the Napa Valley Grill for some happy hour delights. When I returned to work I found there were quite a few people still there. One of which was a frustrated Lee, so we road a ways home together. We took Westwood, my first time, and I found it quite fast. Lots of light and fast speed. [6.02 mi @ 4:37 min/mi]
    Day 8: Night on 6/27/2008
  • Woow, I almost overslept. I didn't set my alarm last night and luckily Mike text me about riding. Good ride this morning but I really got to get my gears fixed. [6.52 mi @ 7:45 min/mi]
    Day 8: Morning on 6/26/2008
  • This was my first ride home where I made a pit stop at a liquor store. It was a good workout day and I was going to spoil myself. I bought what looks to be a mini cage of Heineken and a tall one of MGD.... yeah yeah. I never drink these beers but they were the best choices in a can. This marks a new chapter for this careered in my new bike-trunk! Yippy. [6.24 mi @ 4:38 min/mi]
    Day 7: Night on 6/26/2008
  • Today was Mike's first ride! He did great but was feeling the wiggle legs half way thru. Those three hills sure do take it out of you. And for me, that noise in the back lower gear finally showed it's true colors when it locked up at the peak of that 3rd hill. We had to do some impromptu surgery but we were back on the road in no time. [6.28 mi @ 9:08 min/mi]
    Day 7: Morning on 6/25/2008
  • Tonight I pushed it. No mess'n around, I went my favorite route and only took breaks when there was a red light. I felt great but my back gear started making noise today. Only the smallest one makes a creaking sound. Other than that, the Apex feels great. :) [6.2 mi @ 4:21 min/mi]
    Day 6: Night on 6/24/2008
  • No Comment. [00:00]
    on 6/24/2008
  • No Comment. [6.01 mi @ 6:52 min/mi]
    Day 6: Morning on 6/24/2008
  • First ride home with sunlight. I like the night better. There are much more cars and I could really feel the heat. Summer is coming! [6.47 mi @ 5:28 min/mi]
    Day 5: Night on 6/20/2008
  • No Comment. [6.32 mi @ 7:35 min/mi]
    Day 5: Morning on 6/20/2008
  • Today I took a new route home. I went down Overland to Culver then headed straight to Honey Kettle! Fei met me there and I consumed all the colories I had just burnt off... + some. [7.67 mi @ 5:52 min/mi]
    Day 3: Night on 6/19/2008
  • No Comment. [5.3 mi @ 7:32 min/mi]
    Day 4: Morning on 6/19/2008
  • Had a bumpy start. Took a dead end street for about a .25 block and a couple near spills. Strange ride, but feeling great now. [6.54 mi @ 7:45 min/mi]
    Day 3: Morning on 6/18/2008
  • No Comment. [5.5 mi @ 5:27 min/mi]
    Day 2: Night on 6/16/2008
  • New road tires made a huge difference. My butt was still pretty sore from three days earlier. [5.75 mi @ 7:49 min/mi]
    Day 2: Morning on 6/16/2008
  • Amazingly smooth and freeing ride. Love it!!! [5.5 mi @ 5:27 min/mi]
    Day 1: Night on 6/13/2008
  • First ride to work... Failed! I had to call a lifeline. Thanks Mike!!! [3 mi @ 8:20 min/mi]
    Day 1: Morning on 6/13/2008