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TypeDateDurationDistancePaceCals.Power SongComment
Run7/9/2007 11:24 AM24:153 mi8:05 min/mi0 I'm completely out of shape.  It's back to square one.  I could have taken two months off and felt better than this.
Run7/6/2007 12:53 PM24:153 mi8:05 min/mi0 Recovery run at Amen.
Run7/4/2007 8:00 AM20:403.1 mi6:40 min/mi0 I wasn't happy with my time but I was happy my effort.  Now I just need to actually train.
Run7/4/2007 7:38 AM24:003 mi8:00 min/mi0 Warm up and cool down
Run7/3/2007 10:11 AM23:433.1 mi7:39 min/mi0 Jogged the course with Clit.
Run7/2/2007 11:43 PM30:474 mi7:41 min/mi0
Run7/1/2007 5:42 PM29:074 mi7:16 min/mi0
Run6/22/2007 12:49 PM37:365 mi7:31 min/mi0 Ran the road behind Johnson Park which is all hills.  Felt really weak so I did some upper body and core workouts when I got home.
Run6/20/2007 12:12 PM42:595.4 mi7:57 min/mi0 LSD.
Run6/19/2007 1:23 PM06:311 mi6:30 min/mi0 3rd repeat.  I was gonna do two more cuz my legs felt great but my stomach wasn't good.  As soon as I bent over after the run I started puking and when I tried another repeat I puked again.  I don't know whether I should be happy I pushed hard enough to puke or that it only took this much effort to do so.
Run6/19/2007 1:22 PM06:341 mi6:33 min/mi0 2nd repeat
Run6/19/2007 1:22 PM06:351 mi6:34 min/mi0 1st repeat
Run6/19/2007 1:21 PM07:581 mi7:58 min/mi0 Warm up and cool down combined.
Run6/18/2007 12:29 PM30:163.8 mi7:57 min/mi0 Still recovering.
Run6/17/2007 5:15 PM22:333 mi7:30 min/mi0 Just ran my recovery faster than my race.  At least it got some frustration out.
Run6/16/2007 8:30 AM01:49:2713.1 mi8:21 min/mi0 Lots of room for improvement.
Run6/15/2007 10:04 AM07:301 mi7:30 min/mi0 Stride outs, stretching, icing.  I'm ready.
Run6/14/2007 11:00 PM23:043 mi7:41 min/mi0 Easy run with Clit.  Shins still not great but better.  More ice.
Run6/13/2007 11:29 PM23:523 mi7:57 min/mi0 Shins hurt pretty bad so I took it easy and iced afterwards.  Should be good to go in the morning.
Run6/12/2007 10:33 PM21:393 mi7:13 min/mi0 Ran with Clit.
Run6/11/2007 11:08 PM47:336.8 mi6:59 min/mi0
Run6/10/2007 7:17 PM38:405.3 mi7:17 min/mi0
Run6/9/2007 4:56 PM39:585.5 mi7:15 min/mi0
Run6/6/2007 9:56 AM23:163 mi7:45 min/mi0 Painful recovery run.  Shins hurt then I had a very sharp pain just below my right knee that actually caused me to stop.  I worked through the last mile and I think after some ice and 24 hours I will be good to go again.
Run6/6/2007 12:18 AM35:545.2 mi6:54 min/mi0 Sick of working so much but the weather was perfect.  First time I've ever seen my breath on a run in June.
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