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TypeDateDurationDistancePaceCals.Power SongComment
Run6/5/2014 7:22 PM58:005.25 mi11:02 min/mi713 Ran Rock to Rock in under 40.  Seems like it should have been faster and it's hard to imagine I did this in 38 earlier in the year.
Bike6/3/2014 7:21 PM01:22:0025 mi3:16 min/mi1210 Felt very good on this ride
Run6/1/2014 6:55 AM03:00:0215.5 mi11:36 min/mi1993 Felt great at 5 so I went for 15 rather than 11 and those last 4 miles were tough.
Run5/20/2014 8:56 PM51:395.25 mi9:50 min/mi699 Easy recovery run.  Calves are still a bit sore from Saturday.
Bike5/19/2014 8:55 PM37:006.25 mi5:55 min/mi273 Over to the BMX park and back.
Bike5/17/2014 4:25 PM01:00:0017.5 mi3:25 min/mi885 Hilly course.
Run5/17/2014 4:24 PM49:306.2 mi7:59 min/mi822 two 5Ks actually.  The first in just under 24 and the second in 25:30
Run5/6/2014 8:09 PM53:005.5 mi9:38 min/mi717 Rock to Rock in 38:55
Swim5/6/2014 7:08 AM20:00.5 mi40:00 min/mi172
Bike5/5/2014 8:59 PM39:0012 mi3:15 min/mi575
Run5/3/2014 8:58 PM01:30:0010 mi9:00 min/mi1218
Run5/1/2014 8:59 PM56:006 mi9:20 min/mi757
Swim4/28/2014 10:56 AM20:00.5 mi40:00 min/mi172 Did 600 meters in 13.5 minutes.
Bike4/28/2014 6:33 AM40:0013 mi3:04 min/mi787
Swim4/28/2014 6:32 AM20:00.65 mi30:46 min/mi172 800 meters total.  600 in 13 1/2 minutes.
Run4/26/2014 9:54 AM02:31:0014 mi10:47 min/mi1857 First run at Hoffmaster this year.  Very enjoyable but I faded the last couple of miles.  No stairs this time.
Swim4/25/2014 9:53 AM20:00.5 mi40:00 min/mi172
Run4/24/2014 9:52 AM49:005.25 mi9:20 min/mi663
Bike4/23/2014 9:50 AM01:40:0030 mi3:20 min/mi1476
Run4/22/2014 8:06 PM47:005.25 mi8:57 min/mi665 Ran Rock to Rock in 38:47 which is good.
Run4/19/2014 8:05 PM48:005.25 mi9:08 min/mi649 Ran Rock to Rock in 39:07 which is pretty good for this early in the season and after a tough race.
Run4/12/2014 8:04 PM07:56:0028 mi17:00 min/mi4685 Very hilly, very rocky and tough course at 7K of Altitude.  Did well through 16 and faded badly after 20.
Run2/22/2014 1:00 PM23:283.1 mi7:34 min/mi389 Kroc pajama run.  Felt good about keeping it under 24.
Run12/15/2013 2:19 PM01:19:008.5 mi9:17 min/mi1069 Legs are wiped out.  6.5 of these miles were on a treadmill on a 1.5% to 4% incline.
Run12/10/2013 9:13 PM30:003.35 mi8:57 min/mi424
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