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TypeDateDurationDistancePaceCals.Power SongComment
Run3/4/2011 8:20 PM50:005 km16:05 min/km616
Run10/29/2010 7:27 AM01:02:478.2 km12:19 min/km791 after 2 weeks break due to bad back and stomach flu. actual cal burning 905 (via my Polar)
Run10/8/2010 8:03 AM58:348.2 km11:29 min/km942
Run9/17/2010 6:15 AM55:547.8 km11:32 min/km818 Tripped and fell about 300 m' so, didn't finish my 8 km run today
Run9/12/2010 12:14 PM59:408.04 km11:56 min/km971
Run9/9/2010 5:50 PM57:068 km11:29 min/km929
Run7/2/2010 7:35 AM30:005.17 km9:20 min/km551
Run7/1/2010 7:44 AM35:005.17 km10:53 min/km584
Run6/29/2010 7:46 AM30:004.44 km10:52 min/km501
Run2/2/2010 9:07 PM56:008.2 km10:59 min/km921 after a month due to knee problems and bad weather, I finally managed to run again, it was great and I haven't lost much of my shape. Really missed
Run1/30/2010 12:42 PM58:508.2 km11:32 min/km871 Felt like shit, had a cold, my heart rate went berserk
Run1/2/2010 2:09 PM01:04:279.6 km10:48 min/km1060 A good Jog different track, an easier one.
Run12/29/2009 9:04 PM42:457.07 km9:43 min/km773 A great pace, but had to stop due to heavy rain
Run12/23/2009 9:13 PM57:228.5 km10:51 min/km953 A good jog, at night in the fields. Weather was cool, but not chilling. Progressing under 11 minutes/km again.
Run12/20/2009 9:20 PM58:348.5 km11:05 min/km973 A good run, manage to squeeze extra 300 meters (1000 ft) in the usual time. A different track, adds a lot of interest and challenge.
Run12/18/2009 4:05 PM59:218.36 km11:25 min/km986 A slightly different track because of the precipitation that soaked the road I usually run at.
I had difficulties running, felt heavy and stressed. perhaps because I ate a healthy lunch 90 minutes before the run.
Run12/15/2009 9:11 PM55:278.2 km10:52 min/km921 The fastest and the healthiest session to date. Got above training zone fewer times, and the two climbs went in the zone. 
It was also the latest time I've jogged so far
Run12/12/2009 2:31 PM56:598.2 km11:11 min/km947 2nd run with the new shoes, did a lot faster than yesterday, strong winds slowed me down going south and helped me going north.
Run12/11/2009 8:54 PM59:168.2 km11:37 min/km886 First run in 2 weeks. tested my new NB 1062. 
 cut 6 minutes from the previous run.
Went above the limit in my HRM for 3 minutes vs 6 in previous sessions.
Run11/28/2009 8:54 AM01:27:5211.72 km12:03 min/km1168 2nd day in a row of jogging, managed to run all the track, despite poor sleep at night (newborn son), and the jog the day before.
Run11/27/2009 12:35 PM01:24:0011.72 km11:32 min/km1256 First time I ran this far. I was surprised at how well I did for the first 2/3rd of the road. The last 1/3rd was harder.
My heart rate was really well maintained.
it was going down real fast and going up pretty slow.
all in all, a very good session.
Walk11/21/2009 6:15 AM01:37:3211.72 km13:23 min/km1043 A much better session than yesterday. Enjoyed it a lot.
Walk11/20/2009 5:47 AM01:11:348.2 km14:02 min/km765 I was tired, and it shows, but it feels great now
Walk11/16/2009 1:04 PM01:10:198.2 km13:48 min/km736 Heart Rate is stabilizing during walk, pace is picking up, I am looking forward to return to running. 
I need to buy new running shoes.
Walk11/14/2009 6:06 AM01:41:3211.72 km13:56 min/km1063 The longest walk yet. my HR is improving, I hope to start running again within a month.
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