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TypeDateDurationDistancePaceCals.Power SongComment
Bike8/8/2010 1:00 PM02:00:0025 mi4:47 min/mi1533 Training with Buist, McBeev, My Bro and Tom
Bike7/17/2010 10:53 AM50:007.54 mi6:37 min/mi319 Tim Ferriss - 4-hour workweek Computer Broke. Dirt roads and hills
Bike7/6/2010 2:00 PM54:0010.6 mi5:05 min/mi517 Brian, Mike and me thru Millennium Park
Bike4/15/2010 6:48 PM59:0411 mi5:22 min/mi545 BizStream Bike Ride (first of the year)
WeightLift3/25/2010 4:00 PM05:001 sets, 21 reps, 3780.12 lbs.47 Pump-and-run test lift. Felt great. I could probably do 1 or 2 more.
Run3/24/2010 7:34 PM33:003 mi11:00 min/mi523 Run/Walk. First 3 mile run in years... 10-20% walking
Run3/23/2010 5:20 PM20:002 mi10:00 min/mi317 mostly running, minimal walking (I am just slow)
Run3/22/2010 5:15 PM09:001 mi9:00 min/mi157 Shorter, but faster (yeah, there is a joke there, I know)
Run3/21/2010 6:08 PM20:002 mi10:00 min/mi317 Lake Michigan Drive
Run3/18/2010 5:57 PM26:002 mi13:00 min/mi330 After drinking 5 tall beers and 3 shots, I ran. Mile 1: run/walk 15.5 mins, Mile 2: run 10.5 mins
Run3/16/2010 6:49 PM23:002 mi11:30 min/mi328 Mile 1: Run/Walk
Mile 2: All Run (slowly, but constant)
Run3/14/2010 1:36 PM10:001 mi10:00 min/mi158 Sang by me - Eye of the Tiger Only walked
Run3/13/2010 1:16 PM11:001 mi11:00 min/mi172
WeightLift3/13/2010 7:00 AM50:004 sets, 21 reps, 3532.78 lbs.476 Pump n Run Training... All Chest
WeightLift3/8/2010 7:00 AM50:0012 sets, 62 reps, 15815.36 lbs.476 Pump n Run Training... All Chest
WeightLift3/5/2010 7:00 AM50:0011 sets, 61 reps, 15715.36 lbs.476 Pump n Run Training... All Chest
WeightLift3/1/2010 7:00 AM50:0013 sets, 169 reps, 17019.51 lbs.476 Pump n Run Training... All Chest
WeightLift2/25/2010 7:00 AM50:0011 sets, 82 reps, 10479.70 lbs.476 Pump n Run Training... All Chest
WeightLift2/22/2010 7:00 AM50:0013 sets, 116 reps, 15035.90 lbs.476 First Day of Pump n Run Training... All Chest
Bike6/30/2008 8:40 AM47:0110.83 mi4:20 min/mi579 Mark, Brian, Anne, Cory
Bike6/7/2008 12:30 PM40:007.22 mi5:32 min/mi369 Training for Bike Trip
WeightLift10/10/2007 8:25 PM20:008 sets, 50 reps, 10774.43 lbs.184 Rollins Band - Move Right In Had a quick one. worked from 6am to 7pm. Tired
WeightLift10/8/2007 6:35 PM40:0012 sets, 60 reps, 8924.44 lbs.369
WeightLift10/7/2007 12:28 PM45:0015 sets, 58 reps, 13859.35 lbs.415 White Zombie - Thunderziss Me and my brother Mike lifted in the BizStream Gym :)
Bike6/3/2007 9:00 AM04:00:0053 mi4:31 min/mi2898 Roads from Big rapids to Grand Rapids
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